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If you’ve never worked with an organizer before, you may be nervous and not sure what to expect. All of the info you need is here, as well as on our FAQ page. Ready to book a discovery call? You can get in touch here.


All organizing services are $80 per hour (plus HST). If you have a short timeline or a larger project, we may benefit from an extra set of hands. An assistant organizer is an additional $50 per hour (plus HST). 

Step 1: Book a Discovery Call

This quick, 15 minute call helps me to understand what your needs are, let you know my process and policies, and what services I can provide to help you. If we think we’ll be a good fit for each other, we can set a date for an in-person consultation. 

Step 2: The In-Person Consultation

The organizing process starts with a complimentary one-hour consultation. During the consult, we'll walk through your home and I’ll ask you to show me the spaces that are troubling you, and we’ll discuss what’s working and what isn’t. This is also an opportunity for you to ask me any questions. At the end of the consult, we can schedule a date for our first organizing session.


Step 3: The Organizing Session

I arrive at each organizing session with everything we’ll need to get started. I provide all of the tools and supplies necessary for any decluttering project, free of charge. This includes garbage and recycling bags, Ziploc bags, labels, markers and more. 


The decluttering and organizing process is pretty simple. You can be as hands on or off as you would like, but I need you to be home during each session, so that you’re available to make decisions and answer questions periodically. In a typical session, I begin by sorting everything in the space or room into categories, so that we can get a sense of the volume and type of stuff you have. Then I’ll walk you through each category and we’ll discuss what you would like to keep, donate, toss, recycle, etc. I will never throw anything out without your permission. We repeat this process until the entire room or space is complete.


Once we know exactly what’s staying and what’s going, we’ll discuss how frequently you use things. This way I can determine how best to organize everything so that it’s easy for you to reach and put away. At this stage, I will sort everything that you’ve decided to keep into labelled containers, and place everything back on shelves, in cupboards or in closets. Wherever possible, I try to use products that you already own, but if needed, I can source new options for you. Finally we’ll determine if another session is needed, or if you’d like to move onto another space.


Payment is made at the end of each session by e-Transfer, Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

Step 4: Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance

I offer a monthly or quarterly maintenance service if you would like some extra help to stay on track with your organizing goals.

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