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Some kind words from our lovely clients:

Whole Home Organization:


"Alice is incredible to work with! 

Recently, I had the challenge of consolidating three homes into one. Needless to say, my own disorganized home was now full of boxes!

Alice worked with me to sort through everything and organize my home to work well for our family. The difference is amazing! My life is simplified!

I can’t thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and discretion during the process. Her professional approach made an overwhelming task manageable to me.

I highly recommend Alice!  I continue to have her in my home on an occasional basis for specific projects.

She is a gem!"

-Kim, Yonge & St. Clair

Basement Organization:
"After moving into our home 3 years ago everything we weren't sure what to do with ended up in the basement. We really wanted to turn the basement into a play room for our kids but felt overwhelmed with 'stuff.' We had made efforts in the past to go through everything but never seemed to make meaningful progress - we needed help!
We have gained two rooms in our home by decluttering the basement: a family room without piles of toys everywhere, & now a basement play room. It has helped me feel more in control of my space & allowed my kids to feel more independent by having their own special play area.
Alice was very professional, efficient & honest. I enjoyed working with her & am sure we'll have her back in the future!"
-Kate, Avenue Road & Lawrence

Whole Home Organization:
"Alice has been delightful to work with. She brings a calm energy into our home and makes everything look and feel better while she is here. We hired her to reduce the clutter that builds up over time and organize various areas of our home, including closets, jewelry, storerooms, food cupboards and offices. No job was too small or too big.
We have now covered most areas of the house but we keep Alice coming back to maintain what she has helped set up.
Every time she leaves I feel a sense of calm."

-Sharon, Moore Park

Organizing After Downsizing:


"Alice helps you to feel that your project is manageable and can be accomplished. Her help is prompt, timely and invaluable when, like me, you need help to restore order... 


Thanks so much for giving me the help I needed in a calm and timely manner. Your help was literally invaluable."  


- Mary, Yonge & Eglinton

Decluttering Before Downsizing:


"I have a plan to sell my house and facing the job of going through a lifetime of memories, I needed help. 
I received a promo card for Alice the Organizer in the mail a few years ago, and, knowing that there was a big job ahead of me, I held on to it. 
That was the best thing I ever kept.

Alice will walk you through each step of the process. She asks gentle questions, there is no pressure. I can still enjoy many things that I know will not be moving on with me, but for the next little while, they are still part of my home. I also have no desire to bring in new stuff to disrupt the much lighter feel in my home. 
The next pass will be much easier, now that I know that this is not the overwhelming job that I expected it to be.


- Evi, North Toronto

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