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With virtual organizing, you have a seasoned professional organizer guiding you through your organizing or decluttering project, acting as your teacher and accountability partner, and helping you develop habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.


Virtual organizing is $80 Canadian per hour (sales tax is dependent on where you live). I'm currently offering this service to clients in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. If you live elsewhere and are interested, please let me know!


Step 1: Clarity call

We start by scheduling a 20-minute clarity call. During the call, we’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing in your home, the projects you’d like to tackle, and you can ask any questions you might have. If we determine that we’ll be a good fit for each other (and that virtual organizing is a good fit for your project) we can book an intake session! 


My sessions are conducted using Zoom, so I want to make sure that you feel comfortable using it. Also, you must be physically able to move items around the space you’re working in. Finally, you must have good wifi access in the space we’re going to be working in!


Step 2: The intake session & working together

During the intake session, we decide which project you want to tackle first, and then we create a plan of action. A project can be anything that’s been weighing on you, from clearing stuff out of your basement, so that you don’t feel embarrassed when you have overnight guests, to organizing a storage closet, to sorting through a box of old paperwork that you’ve been avoiding. Large or small, whatever your project is, we’ll work through it methodically, until it’s finished. 


During the actual organizing session, you can carry your phone or laptop to the area you’re going to work in. You sit and work through the items in front of you, deciding what to keep or toss, and I’ll guide you as to how best to reorganize. You can ask me questions as we go. At the end of each session, we decide what your homework will be and what you plan to work on the next time we meet. And if you want to keep working on the project by yourself after our call, great!

Step 3: Book 2 one-hour sessions per week

Consistency is key to virtual organizing! To maintain momentum and help you see immediate progress, we’ll work together twice a week, for one hour at a time. This also gives you time to complete any homework between sessions. 


Before the intake session, I’ll give you a list of supplies you’ll need to get started. These are things you probably already have on hand, including:

  • A garbage bag

  • A bag or box for recycling

  • A bag or box for items to be donated

  • A bag or box for returning items that belong in other rooms

  • A bag or box for documents to be shredded (if we’re organizing paperwork)

  • Something to create temporary labels for containers and shelves. I use a roll of painter’s tape and a Sharpie marker, but you can also use a pen and post-it notes


Project session journal: 

A Project Session Journal is a shared Word doc. We’ll use it to track your goals, celebrate your wins, list any challenges you faced, and lay out any homework you have, as well as any homework for me (I might have to send you a link to an article, a product recommendation, etc.). At the end of each session, I’ll type up my notes in the Project Session Journal, and send you a link so you can follow along. 



A big component of virtual organizing is homework. To make the most of our time together, at the end of each session, we’ll decide if there are some homework tasks that you can complete between sessions. I want these to be super realistic and achievable, so we’ll start small! Homework could be anything from texting your sister to see if you can return some books to her, taking a bag of clothes to a charity shop, or ordering some containers online. 

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