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Hi, I'm Alice! I help busy Toronto families declutter and simplify. I work with clients to create easy, efficient systems that help them better enjoy their homes.

I have been super nerdy about organizing since I was a little kid, and loved nothing more than rearranging my room and coming up with new ways to categorize and store everything. I brought that passion for order with me to my first career, working for the City of Toronto in the Museums and Heritage Services department, where I coordinated exhibits and special events. 

I began organizing professionally in 2013 and launched Alice The Organizer in 2014. Since then, I've helped clients from all walks of life regain a sense of control over their stuff. I feel so incredibly fortunate that my clients place their trust in me to sort through their homes with them and bring them relief from clutter and chaos. 

My favourite thing to organize:

Paper! Give me your receipts, your junk mail, your 10 year old bank statements. I'm in heaven.

The question I get asked the most:

"Is this the worst basement you've ever seen?" No, it's not. Almost everyone struggles with disorganization at some point in their lives, but many people think they're the only one! I've worked in many, many homes and it's very hard to surprise me. 

Important Info:

I am a Silver Leaf member of Professional Organizers Canada (POC) and was a member of POC's Toronto Chapter Executive from 2015 - 2017. 


I am a Trained Professional Organizer and I abide by the POC code of ethics:

I carry commercial general liability insurance and professional liability (errors & omissions) insurance.


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