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Alice the Organizer offers custom organizing services to fit every family and individual.  

If you don't see the service or project you're looking for below, please feel free to email me

Big or small, I would love to discuss your organizing project with you. 


For all projects, I charge $70 per hour (plus HST) with a 4 hour minimum booking.

For details about timelines and estimates, please visit our FAQ page

Home offices and paperwork

Creating a space that supports your work and your household is key. I can help with:

  • Creating filing systems, using hanging files, binders or boxes (depending on your preference)

  • Sorting and storing tax returns so that you can easily find last year's receipts and supporting documentation from previous years, in case you are ever audited

  • Creating paper flow systems that mirror your digital files and email folders so that your paper life and your digital life are better connected

  • Going through junk mail, bills, bank statements and magazines

  • Nitty gritty details, like creating separate homes for staples, paper clips and post-it notes

  • Organizing vital documents like birth certificates, passports and citizenship papers

  • Arranging for scanning and shredding, destruction of old hard drives and recycling of electronics through a trusted third party company

Basements and storage closets

Whether it's a closet, locker, or an entire room, storage spaces can become a dumping ground for things you aren't sure what to do with. I can help with:

  • Sorting and creating homes for holiday decorations, luggage, sports equipment, off season clothes, baby gear, gift wrap, etc

  • Going through boxes you haven't touched since your last move

  • Support and guidance on how to part with sentimental items, if you decide to do so 

  • Creating a space that doesn't fill you with dread, where you can easily access and put away lesser used items 

  • Designing a basement that is functional, whether you want to create a play room, an office or a workout space

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Your mornings will run more smoothly when everyone can find what they need. I can help with:

  • Sorting through clothing, jewellery and accessories to find the pieces you need and love

  • Ensuring that you can easily reach and put away all the things you need on a regular basis

  • Storing off-season or special activity clothing away from your daily wardrobe so they aren't in the way as you get ready

  • Arranging for donation of any clothes and shoes you no longer want 

  • Streamlining laundry sorting

  • Sorting toiletries, makeup, hair care and skincare products for each family member and setting up containers so that everyone can find what they need

  • Creating a strategy to deal with overflow and bulk paper products like Kleenex and toilet paper

Newborns and toddlers

I can help you feel more calm and get back a little bit of the time you spend taking care of other people. Here's how:

  • Creating very simple, affordable systems designed to support you for the next 2 - 3 years while your family grows 

  • Organizing hand me downs and baby gear to be sold, donated or stored for younger siblings

  • Setting up nurseries and arranging for crib and furniture assembly by a trusted third party company

  • Space planning for shared kids rooms

  • Sorting through shower gifts to find homes for all of your baby's new things 

Please note: I recognize that as a parent, you have very little time, and I want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. For parents with small children, I generally recommend having another parent or caregiver take the kids for a few hours so that little ones aren't tempted to crash our organizing sessions. For parents of newborns, or moms on mat leave, I will need your undivided attention for a couple of hours total, but I'm happy to work around your baby's feeding or sleep schedules. 

Kids toys, artwork and school papers

Have you ever stepped on Lego in the middle of the night? I can help. Here's how:

  • Sorting toys by category and creating one-step storage systems that make it easy for kids to access and put their toys away

  • Helping to foster self sufficiency so that Mom or Dad can spend less time searching for the kids' stuff, and kids can help with clean up because they know where everything goes

  • Creating a workspace for older kids, as well as setting up binders and back packs

  • Creating an "archive" for report cards, drawings, class photos, etc and a system for getting paper from their backpacks to the archive box 

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